State Park Scenario Follow Up

Let’s revisit the scenario we introduced earlier in the course. Now that you’ve learned more about creating a more inclusive and welcoming State Park environment, let’s explore each of the potential responses to see which one achieves that goal the best.

Remember: You are the Park Ranger that is overseeing the Campground today. Your job is to greet people and show them where their campsite is, offer support, and answer questions. A customer named Jesse approaches you and says that he would like to do something fun today, but he needs help deciding. 

How can you help? 

Please click each box below to reveal solutions.  

Option 1

Tell Jesse about your favorite hike to do in the area and show him where the trailhead is on the map.


You’re providing a good option, but how do you know Jesse likes hiking?

Option 2

Point Jesse to the New Activity flier that offers bird watching in the area.


You’re directing Jesse to more information, but could you take it one step further?

Option 3

Enthusiastically ask Jesse a few questions about his interests and give him some options for how he could spend his day.


Bravo! Ask questions, be excited and don't make assumptions.