Time For Change

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Black Folks Camp Too is a strategic company on a mission to remove fear, add knowledge, and invite more Black folks to camp and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle with Any and Everyone… your race, your age, or your gender does not matter. We welcome everyone around the campfire as we increase more unity in the Outdoor Community and Beyond. 

Before launching Black Folks Camp Too in 2019, Earl was a successful executive in the RV industry. After traveling the country, attending industry and consumer shows, and understanding more of the landscape of the outdoor community, he found himself wanting to improve the industry one campfire at a time.

Black Folks Camp Too believes in ROI – Return on Inclusion. Return on Inclusion is good for the entire outdoor industry and lifestyle. We will achieve the ROI, but first we must understand the WHY. 

The Unity Blaze is a symbol of that mission and reminds us that You Are Invited and Welcomed. When individuals see the Unity Blaze badge, they know that they are being intentionally welcomed and invited to enjoy outdoor spaces.

Campfires are one of humanity’s oldest traditions and they have the power to unite folks from diverse experiences and backgrounds. By participating in this program, you are Increasing More Unity in the Outdoor Community and Beyond by joining a growing community striving to make the outdoors welcoming for everyone. Your race, age, and gender do not matter. We all have something to say around the campfire. 

We need to have a bold conversation with facts rather than opinions and we need to have it with people who care and benefit from improvements in the industry. We want to change the world, one campfire at a time, but we cannot do it alone. So, let’s get together and have an amazing conversation. 

We are changing the world… one campfire at a time, folks!