It’s Not About Access

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The issue is not only about access to the outdoors. It’s not only about location, transportation, or money. It’s about the WHYs that we discussed in the previous section: fear, limited knowledge, and lack of invitation.  

Earl shares an example of a trail called Bracken Preserve located in Brevard, NC, less that two miles from a predominantly Black neighborhood. Black Folks Camp Too monitored the trail to gather data about how many Black folks were using the trail. While monitoring the trail for six months, there were no folks who identified themselves as Black that utilized the trail.

Many Black folks may not recognize there are trails, campgrounds and other outdoor spaces nearby because of fear, limited knowledge, and lack of invitation. Earl visited a retail store in Washington County, NC, another predominantly Black area. While there, he asked folks “Do you know where the nearest State Park is?” After asking nearly 100 folks, no one could provide him with an answer. The closest State Park was only a few miles from the retail store. 

Again, it’s not all about access. The issue is fear, limited knowledge, and lack of invitation and welcoming. 

What Black Folks DO Know About the Outdoors

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We KNOW we want to be treated fairly and equally – policies, rules, enforced equally
We KNOW we want you to care about us and our best interest
We KNOW we have a fear of not knowing – we don’t want to feel incompetent, inferior, or embarrassed.