Tier One:
1-5 Employees

Unity Blaze Partner Certification

Tier One: 1-5 Employees

Purchase this product ONLY if you have 1-5 employees in order to receive the correct number of tokens.

The Unity Blaze Certification course is uniquely designed to educate staff and volunteers in outdoor industries – retailers, private campgrounds, independent RV dealerships, land conservancies, trusts, and foundations,
gear manufacturers and more.

Our training program will not only provide your team with knowledge about “WHY” there is lower participation by Black folks in the outdoors, but also how you can shift your approach to better understand this growing audience.

In order to become Unity Blaze Certified, 80% of your core and seasonal employees will need to pass this course.

When your business becomes Unity Blaze Certified, you will:

1. Be added to the Black Folks Camp Too Unity Blaze Partner Network listing.

2. Receive a Unity Blaze merchandising kit for each location.

3. Have access to ongoing content and ideas for increasing Unity in the outdoor community and beyond.

**Unity Blaze Partnership is an annual subscription.



$99.95 / year and a $195.05 sign-up fee